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we’re going on an adventure (pt. 2)

DSCN573120130427_175722DSCN5733A few days after we swam with dolphins (click, here to see the photos!)  I signed up for an all you can drink/eat catamaran that took you snorkeling and traveled to Rick’s Cafe (the best place to see the sunset in Jamaica) and Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville! Although we don’t have photos (we were both in the water), the snorkeling expedition was incredible. Did I see anything really cool like a whale or a shark? No, but I saw REAL coral. Not coral in a fish tank, but real blowing in the wind water coral. You weren’t supposed to touch it, but I did and I don’t care. It was so COOL! Besides the coral, I saw some pretty sketchy looking sea urchins and some colorful friendly looking fish. We didn’t snorkel long, but I was happy with that as I was not very good at it. 1. I cannot breathe without my nose. I mean this. 2. The flippers weighed me down. They did not make me swim faster.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go to either Rick’s Cafe or Margaritaville because of the tide! (oh no!) So instead, our captain got this catamaran pumped for an onboard party of dancing and drinks. I had an absolutely wonderful time, despite the change in events” trying new food, new drinks (peach schnapps & rum go together? Yes, yes they do), met new friends, saw new fish (flying fish!!), and saw the most breathtaking sunset. Overall, this was definitely an experience I’d repeat!

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